Weekly Racing Series - 2016 Official Results

November 1, 2016
Untitled Document Date: 11/1/2016

The 2016 Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series is OFFICIALLY in the books! To highlight what a battle and accomplishment it was to make this list we wanted to share a few WRS statistics:

By the numbers:

  • 2,345 racers competed throughout the US and Canada.
  • 147 racers reached the top 20 but fell out.
  • Over 576 position change occurred in the top 20.
  • Over 201 position changes occurred in the top 10.
  • There were 17 ties in the top 20 including three 3-way and two 4-way ties that needed to be decided by tie breakers!

The WRS highlights the excitement and competitiveness that is Briggs racing. Over $55,000 in prizes are staged to ship to each racer’s perspective club over the next few weeks, so stay patient! Talking about prizes we want to make sure that we recognize the sponsors - RLV, Amsoil, our PowerSmart Inverter team, and our newest sponsor SONIC tools USA. They believe in supporting the heart of the sport and have been instrumental in helping to make this happen!

Here are your top 17 prize winners by category/region:

Place Canada Club
1st Skyler Dunning EDKRA
2nd Cameron Nickerson AMKA
3rd John Kwong CKRC
4th Tyler McCullough Mosport
5th Barry Nickerson AMKRA
6th Skyler Dunning CKRC
7th Marco Signoretti Mosport
8th Jesse Laboda SKR
9th Rob Kozakowski EDKRA
10th Noel Dowler 50
11th Stephen Goebel Mosport
12th Tanveer Deen CKRC
13th Nicole Richard AMKA
14th Alex Dasilva Goodwood
15th Gene Elash SKR
16th Rob Scharr EDKRA
17th Charlotte LaLonda

Le Circuit Quiyon

Place Midwest Club
1st Logan Smith Concept Haulers
2nd Ryan Cassity Midwest Kart Club
3rd Ken Williams SKA
4th Ryan Bettenhausen Ignite
5th Colton Dudici Ignite
6th Evan McCorquodale KRA
7th Chris Gray Concept Haulers
8th Scott Hamble KRA
9th Jon Vernier Ignite
10th Dillion Emerson Ignite
11th Nick Todtenhaupt Supercomp
12th Nicholas Bernos Nola
13th Steve Knight KRA
14th Greg Lacoste, Jr. Nola
15th John Ewing KRA
16th JD Gunn Michiana
17th Ryan Betternhausen


Place West Club
1st Barry Peel Golf Coast
2nd Colby Yardley UKC
3rd Steve Kemp Blue Max
4th Andrew Kemp Blue Max
5th Kenny Manchester Blue Max
6th Andy Nish UKC
7th Steven Hanson Golf Coast
8th Rodney Ebersole CJKC
9th Kaiti Wood UKC
10th Miguel Mier North Texas
11th Will Barkley CJKC
12th Tevin Robbins UKC
13th Austin Chalman CJKC
14th Lionel Duprat North Texas
15th Billy Smith North Texas
16th Chris Watts Gulf Coast
17th Marc Breuning North Texas

Place East Club
1st JT Swygert CMP
2nd Billy Duff GoPro
3rd Bowen Carlock Amped up
4th Nick Tucker GoPro
5th Dan Newell Amped up
6th Jody Covington Amped up
7th Dan Koehler GoPro
8th Stan Wilson Amped up
9th Jeremy Ghent CMP
10th Bob Barthelemy GSKA
11th John Nichols AMP
12th Denis Cammerato CMP
13th Morgan Harbin Amped up
14th Kyle Robinson Amped up
15th Shawn Harding Amped up
16th John Carlock Amped up
17th Adam Phillips AMP

Place Top North American Juniors Club
1st Matthew Taskinen EDKA
2nd Macy Williams CJKC
3rd Jacob Bolen Concept Haulers
4th James Altamirano Calgary
5th Tanner Carter GSKA
6th Keifer Peet Calgary
7th Timmy Trostel CJKC
8th Logan Ploder Goodwood
9th Logan Perl RAKC
10th Kelsey Hann CKRA
11th Alec Drummond Mosport
12th Griffin Dowler EDKRA
13th Evan Concepcion UKC
14th Gavin Sanders Goodwood
15th Kai Dalziel Goodwood
16th Enzo Sartor CKRC
17th Payton Glodowski RAKC